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Is it possible that one of the least read chapters in the Bible would actually contain the keys to understanding one of the greatest signs in Bible prophecy?

The Feast of Trumpets (Leviticus 23:23)

The Feasts of the Lord are described in detail in the book of Leviticus, chapter 23.  In verse 23 of chapter 23, the Scriptures record a three verse description of the Feast of Trumpets.  The video playlist below contain’s a four-part Bible study about the Feast of Trumpets.

This Bible Study requires patience.

This is very urgent information, but you cannot rush through it and gain a complete understanding.  It requires some time.


Because it is possible to make the connections too abruptly.  It is possible to go too fast when it comes to things like this.  Some things must be taught layer upon layer and precept upon precept, and checking for understanding through the lesson is essential.  Although God is able to reveal anything He wants to reveal INSTANTLY, He does not always do so.  More often than not, revelation requires time spent in diligent study and prayer.

Pay Attention

Otherwise, if it comes too fast and your heart is not prepared to receive it…

Well, you know the old saying: “A confused mind always says, ‘No.'”

And, at least in this case, that could result in a skeptical dismissal of things that are as important, as immovable and as inevitable as they are profound.

“For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little:”
Isaiah 28:10

Get Focused

So get your Bible, find a quiet room, and then close the door.  You will want to put away every distraction.

In order for you to fully appreciate the significance of what you are about to hear, you are going to need to focus.

Sound overly dramatic?

Not even close.

This could be very well be one of the most urgent discoveries you could ever make in your life.

But you have to make the connections for yourself.

What are the Scriptures Revealing?

With that being said, let’s now consider what the Scriptures are revealing about the subject matter and how it is relevant to the times in which we are living today.

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Some of the videos above refer to planetarium software that you can freely download to your laptop or desktop computer. This is one of those situations in which you can objectively verify and validate some things for yourself.

The Feast of Trumpets is one of the Lord’s Feasts as described in Leviticus Chapter 23.

In the Scriptures, there are many signs.  But very few are referred to as “great” signs.  In Revelation 12:1, the Bible describes a great sign, and, at least with respect to the appearance of this sign, it will actually be fulfilled on September 23, 2017.

Remember This…

We’re not saying that anything is going to happen. All we are acknowledging at this point is that something is going to appear, and it appears in such close proximity with the Feast of Trumpets—perhaps even on the very same day—in a Jubilee Year.

It is the appearance of the sign that fulfills the prophecy.
The fulfillment of that verse is not contingent upon anything else “happening.”

This is important to acknowledge.

Remember that the Lord Jesus confronted the religious leaders of the day on a number of issues, but one of those issues was their not being able (or willing) to interpret the signs of the times.

We should not make the same mistake.

Even if nothing else “happens…”

The mere appearance of this sign will still be a fulfillment of Bible Prophecy.

If nothing else happens other than the appearance of the sign, then we can at least acknowledge that that part of the prophecy will have been fulfilled.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not to say that the verses following the description of the appearance of the sign have to occur immediately after the appearance of the sign. But what is so extraordinary about this sign is that the whole world will be able to objectively see this sign when it takes place (and, with observatories and planetarium software, even before it takes place).  In fact, a well-positioned sign typically appears prior to something happening.  In some cases, a sign appears exactly when something is supposed to happen. And in other cases, they serve as harbingers, indicating that something is coming. Yet there is no denying that a great sign will appear.  It is a sure word of prophecy and an astronomical inevitability locked in time.  Neither will there will be no denying that it has appeared after it has appeared.

With respect to the celestial bodies that we know as constellations as well as individual planets and the sun, the moon and the stars, the Lord said: “…let them be for signs.” (See Genesis 1:14).

When God reveals in advance—and in such precise detail—that something very specific is going to take place and where we can actually locate it, then we should pay attention.

A “Silent” Visual Symphony of Truth

Over the past few years, there has been a convergence of signs.  Collectively, they a like a “silent” visual symphony.  Yet to those who understand the significance of these signs repeatedly occurring on and around Jewish holidays (i.e., “Holy Days”), it’s like an orchestra playing a movement that is louder and a thousand times more dramatic than Beethoven’s Fifth.

Between a series of Blood Moons falling on Passover and Tabernacles (2014) and Passover and Tabernacles (2015) and the reappearance of the Bethlehem Star (2015), the signs may be silent, but they are speaking volumes.

Not all of these signs have been silent.

Over the past few years, skeptics have dismissed the booming sounds of what can best be described as Trumpets In The Sky.

And if all this were not enough…

There have also recently been wonders in the heavens and extremely relevant discoveries within the Bible Codes.  The truth is that there have more significant signs than we have time to list.

No problem. Just look at the rebirth of the nation of Israel.

Consider the promise that the LORD made in Amos 9:14-15 that a time would come when He would bring them them back into their land and plant them firmly in it and that they would never be uprooted again.  Look at the wars that they have won against all odds.  Can there be any other explanation?

The very existence of Israel is a sign.  Indeed, it is more than a sign.  It is a miracle.

The Year of Jubilee

On top of all this, we are presently living in a Jubilee Year as defined in Leviticus chapter 25 (verses 8 through 17).

Is it any coincidence that the last verse which describes the year of Jubilee just so happens to coincide with the current year of the Western calendar (i.e., 2017) — a year in which Israel is celebrating the 50th year anniversary of regaining control of their capital city of Jerusalem.


Incidentally, the day the Jews regained control of the Temple Mount also just so happened to be in a Jubilee year.

Is it any coincidence that the Balfour Declaration just so happened to be written 50 years prior to that?  It’s true.  Do the math and you will see that it was a Jubilee year on the Jewish calendar when that letter was written in 1917.

God is speaking…
But are we listening?

Suddenly, it is not a question of whether God is speaking but rather… are we listening?

He is speaking to us through the Scriptures, and the Scriptures are being confirmed with many signs—signs that were foretold thousands of years ago. How can we not see what He is saying? Please share this information with someone. And thank you for visiting.

Damien Jordan

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The Gospel
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For God so loved the world, that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have eternal life.” (John 3:16 HNV)

"For we are labourers together with God..." (1 Corinthians 3:9)

Dear friend,
Please watch this video and follow the steps in the description.

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Revelation 12 Sign: Biblical Prophecy and the Sign of September 23, 2017

Revelation 12 Sign

An Important Request From the Author of the Report...

"I am NOT predicting that this sign of September 23, 2017 is the beginning of the end times. But it means something significant. The meaning of all those “coincidences” surrounding it means it could mark the beginning of the end and most importantly it would be biblically consistent if it does mark the beginning of the end. ... This document may be freely shared in part or in whole. All I ask is that you do not do so for financial gain."
~ A.R.
Report Specifications: 34 pages | PDF Format | File Size: 3MB

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